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Join the SoCalATA  Delegation

of Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Travel Planners to

the 39th ATA World Travel Congress

on the shores of  Lake Victoria,




November 11—16, 2014

ATA Travel Agent

Membership Benefits

As an ATA Member you acquire unique credentials within the travel industry.  You will be recognized as an Africa Travel Specialist, with unique product knowledge and personal network of professional colleagues on both sides of the Atlantic


By promoting and selling travel to Africa

you will be accomplishing three objectives:


1) Professional satisfaction of empowerment as a travel professional skilled in travel to Africa.


2) Providing your clients with the best Africa travel information and arrangements in the industry.


3) With every Africa-bound sale you will be contributing to the economic growth and development of the Continent and furthering understanding between people.


For more information and membership application go to:

If you do or are planning any business to Africa being part of the Africa Travel Association (ATA) brings you many marketing and brand positioning benefits affecting both your consumer market and the front-line travel agent professionals – your brand becomes immediately identified

as a responsible and culturally sensitive Africa specialist provider


With an ATA Tour Operator Membership you become part of Africa Travel Association, the premier and the oldest professional travel trade association serving the needs of the American travel industry doing business with Africa and her 54 nations.


More Details and Information on

the  Operator Membership page.

ATA Tour Operator Membership Benefits

If you are a member of ARTA, ASTA, APTA, IATA, MPI or a member of any of the national tourism organizations in Africa, and would like to be added to our e-mail Africa Tourism news distribution data base,  please send us your email address and location:



Front-line travel agents and their agencies, be they independent or members of consortia, are the principal sellers of Africa destinations.  They present, sell, book and then handle all the details of their clients' Africa trips, and handle it with high respect; since each Africa sale is a significant investment by their clients - at times a client investment decision that rivals buying a new BMW or a Mercedes.


Conversely, the agent and the travel agency are rewarded by commensurate commission revenue – SELLING AFRICA IS PROFITABLE (as long as you know what you're doing!!!)

Start planning for the 2015

travel show season in California:


Feb. 07/08 — San Francisco


Feb. 14/15 —San Diego


Feb. 21/22 – Los Angeles/Long Beach



ATA is anchoring the Africa section of the shows with its Africa information booth

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The Africa Travel Association (ATA) was established in New York as a non-profit, international travel industry trade association in 1975 and in 1976 the Southern California ATA chapter came into being. 

ATA membership comprises African governments, their tourism ministers, tourism boards, airlines, cruise lines, hotels, resorts, front-line travel sellers,  travel agents, tour operators and affiliate travel service suppliers.

ATA partners with the African Union Commission (AUC), UNWTO, and other government and non-governmental agencies to promote the sustainable development of tourism across Africa.  ATA Presidents are voted from the member countries’ Ministers of Tourism.  Since 1975 the ATA Presidency has been held by the Ministers of Ghana, Benin, Ethiopia, Egypt, Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe. 

ATA Board of Directors is composed of representatives of African national tourism boards, airlines, tour operators and retail travel agents from local ATA chapters, including Southern California.

ATA is Africa’s primary tourism NGO which since 1975 has measurably increased the economic value of tourism for Africa.