SoCal ATA  Africa Travel Business Roundtable Sessions


SoCalATA "Africa Travel Roundtable Sessions" are designed  to bring new perspectives to the business of selling and booking travel to Africa.  The sessions are open to ATA members and non-members.


It is a forum for evaluating solutions to collective and individual challenges of Africa travel and tourism business – from the perspectives of the clients, the travel agents, travel agencies and tour operators, as well as airlines and cruise lines – all who deal with the Africa tourism products.


The Africa Travel Business Roundtables are held in the Los Angeles area by the Africa Travel Association Southern California Chapter.  The sessions produce a number of new concepts and insights for generally unnoticed business issues in selling Africa destinations, working with the operators and the sales and insurance circumstances when travel advisories have been issued.


Typical topics placed under review and per input by the attending travel agents and tour operators included:

Major problems in booking Africa?

Africa travel business competition – what and where is it?

Dealing with safety & security notions of travel to Africa?


The attending front-line travel agent and tour operator responses are typically tabulated, with result provided for use by the industry and published on the SoCalATA website and generally disseminated to the travel press and depending upon the subject provided to the general consumer and business media.


The Roundtable is typically chaired by Michael Madison, President of the SoCalATA who guides the session’s subject focus; "Our quarterly roundtable series and the level of interaction and exchange; demonstrates the absolute need for an environment where the business ideas and experiences can be shared to the benefit of all stakeholders of the travel sellers seeking to promote and sell travel to the Africa." 


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