S  O  U  T  H E  R  N   C  A  L  I  F  O  R  N  I  A    C  H  A  P  T  E  R

One year after 1975, when the Africa Travel Association (ATA) was formed in New York, Southern California and West Coast chapter of Africa Travel Association (SoCalATA) was established .  Since then it has been responsible for bringing Africa leisure travel to the 35.5 million California market, one that is identified as America’s largest long-haul leisure travel market. 


This, primarily due to  the market’s demographic and psychographic make up—good income levels, senior populations that has time to travel for longer periods of time, and the propensity of being “immigrants”.  This point is psycho graphically important, since majority of “Californians” were born outside of California -  migrating either from other U.S. areas or overseas—thus making them prone to ”look outside their own surroundings”.


In part to these characteristics, the

market that SoCalATA is responsible for

has developed as the leading and major

 source market for majority of Africa’s

destinations.  In several instances over

 50% of U.S. leisure tourist to  Africa are

 from California and America’s West Coast.


Selling travel to Africa is primarily through

independent and consortia-travel agencies. 

California overall has 13,485 listed travel

agents, with approximately 988 travel

agencies in Los Angeles, close to 500 in

San Diego, and over 500 in San Francisco,

 with remainder throughout California. All

these must be registered as  California

Sellers of Travel (CST) and participate in the California Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation (TCRC).  If they do not have the CST registration number and do not participate in TCRC they are not allowed to sell any travel to any destination.


Of these numbers SoCalATA operates a data base of over 3,000 front-line, CST travel agents and agencies, which either sell or show interest in selling Africa destinations. 


In addition the SoCalATA market area is the home to many of the leading tour operators, many of them tracing their history and start to SoCalATA.  Most of the firms are primary U.S. providers of tourists to Africa—African Travel Inc., SITA, Travcoa, Cox & King, Best Safaris, Great Safaris, UTS—all are members of USTOA and several are active members of SoCalATA.  Their role in selling Africa is important., they serve as the ”go-to” availabilities and booking. resource  for the front-line travel agents.


As part of the Africa Travel Association, our responsibility of marketing and providing information for all the Africa destinations is guided by the ATA mutuality with the African Union Commission and its 54 Member States . We take that responsibility extremely seriously and are dedicated to be of major support for Africa tourism within the California market


We invite your market and marketing inquiries:  




Board of Directors,

Southern California Chapter

Africa Travel Association

Southern California, U.S.A.


The Principal U.S. Tourism Source Market To Africa

We should note that the California film and television industry through its films and television programs is responsible for Africa’s popularity —National Geographic, Disney Studios, and in fact all the studios  have greatly contributed and continue to contribute to the popularity of Africa worldwide.


Los Angeles hosts a very important  annual “Film and Television Location Expo”  during which many of the foreign/overseas locations exhibit and ask for the Hollywood business. 


SoCalATA  attends the Expo each year, and has thus far induced South Africa, Morocco, and Kenya to be present at these  shows.



For those who create and service Africa destination products, West Coast of the U.S. and California specifically, are the primary U.S. source markets for all Africa destinations, and the SoCalATA exists to assist your marketing and sales efforts. Contact us at: