S  O  U  T  H E  R  N   C  A  L  I  F  O  R  N  I  A    C  H  A  P  T  E  R

Tour Operator and Corporate ATA Membership Benefits

Benefits include:


1) Listing on the official ATA website and displaying your ATA affiliation strengthens and reinforces your company’s market position as an Africa recognized supplier to.


1 - Consumer traveling public and


2 - Front-line retail and corporate travel agents


2) ATA serves as your marketing and product development conduit with the established and developing 54 nation destinations of Africa; at all levels – Ministries of Tourism, Tourism Boards and the in-destination ground operators, suppliers and resources.


3) ATA provides you an in-market consumer and travel agent exposure at metro travel shows in U.S. and Canada, plus supporting relationships worldwide. Your material can be displayed at the ATA display booths, reaching over million interested consumer travelers.


4) Access to ATA retail travel agent member data base – these are the professionals responsible for majority of leisure travel bookings to Africa.


5) Access to ATA media/press corps via the ATA Press Advisements.


6) ATA provides top management level product and destination networking opportunities.


7) Invitations to actively participate in the ATA high-profile events in the U.S. and Africa:


Annual Presidential Forum on Africa Tourism

Conducted in conjunction with the UN General Assembly Meetings.


Annual Africa Sports and Cultural Tourism Symposia

Conducted on rotating basis in New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles.


Annual ATA International Tourism Congress

Conducted and hosted in various capitals of Africa and attracting

US ATA members, as well as invited buyers from worldwide source markets.


Annual ATA Eco and Cultural Symposium

Conducted in various developing tourism destinations of Africa.


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ATA increases the visibility of a destination in the North American marketplace by show-casing the Destination and its private sector partners' products in largely untapped metropolitan market-places like Phoenix and Montreal as well as in major cities like New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta